If you want to discover a destination full of contrasts, cosmopolitan and original, you will not regret choosing Luxembourg. But, it is not enough to go to Luxembourg to see all the attractions of this destination, but it is above all a question of having good plans. This is precisely why we offer you this article in which I present to you the 5 things you absolutely must see during your stay in Luxembourg.

Go to the Abbey of Saint-Maurice-et-Saint-Maur in Clervaux

If there is one religious abbey not to be missed in Luxembourg, it is the Abbey of Saint-Maurice-et-Saint-Maur in Clervaux. Magnificently erected in a picturesque setting since 1909, this abbey is now inhabited by dozens of monks. Take a look around to see them.

Do not miss the Grund district

You will certainly enjoy strolling around the Grund district, which has many surprises in store for you. You will discover both its magnificent church and its vines. You will also have a splendid view of the casemates, the alzette, etc. If we have to mention all the attractions of this district, we will not be able to move on to another tourist site when there are enough left.

Visit Beaufort Castle

It is a splendid castle that deserves to be visited when you are in Luxembourg. This fortress protected by a moat and surrounded by a wall and a moat has not one, but rather 2 castles erected in the heart of nature. One of them is just a few steps from an idyllic pond. It would therefore be a great way for you to make two stones at once.

Go to Vianden

This beautiful medieval city with beautiful Gothic churches and winding streets is waiting for you to offer you an enriching visit. It is surrounded by towers and ramparts and extends along the Our. Also, the city is dominated by the very popular castle of Vianden.

Meet in Esch-sur-Sûre

Here is also one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Luxembourg. It is in fact a small town established at the foot of cliffs and mountains. You have to see it to better understand its splendour.

Taxi or public transport to better visit Luxembourg ?

What about travel, even if public transport is free in Luxembourg, you can also opt for a taxi. It is also one of the best choices you can make, since it is full of many advantages. Indeed, with a taxi, you have a driver at your disposal who accompanies you everywhere without putting pressure on you. With this choice, you enjoy total freedom in terms of movement.

In summary

A country bordering France, Luxembourg is a cosmopolitan and original destination. It has several tourist assets attracting thousands of tourists each year. If after reading all this, you have decided to go to Luxembourg, pack your bags now and organize yourself as to the means of transport you will take once at your destination, the tourist guide and the accommodation. We already wish you a good stay in Luxembourg !